"Life begins the day you start a garden." (Chinese proverb)

Constant attention to your garden environment !

Short and long term garden maintenance.

Imagine the feeling of a wonderful morning when you open the door and the pathway leads to your garden. You walk outside, look towards the sun and gently close your eyes. Take a moment to observe your garden in the sunlight. Does your garden look tired?

The first thing that crosses your mind should be where to find the gardener near me who could make your garden clean and neat. Remove the weeds from the tile gaps, collect the last-year leaves, trim and form a well-shaped Thuja, mow the lawn and clean the rubbish. You can relax and absorb the positive energy from the nature.

Only true gardeners know how much work needs to be done before you can admire a beautiful landscape. Garden lawn, flowers, trees, shrubs, hedges, paths need to be taken care of. Professional GARDEN SHAPES gardeners will help you with long-term and short-term garden maintenance services. Hedge trimming and pruning, pruning of small trees, bushes and shrubs, planting trees, flowers, lawn mowing and edge trimming, scarifying, weeding manually or with chemicals, fertilising, creating new beds and borders, soil improvement, sweeping / clearing paths and paved areas, leaf clearance, holiday watering, etc.

We will give your garden all the necessary attention and care.


Every situation is different and every garden is unique. Maybe you have a lawn which needs to be mowed once in a week or two or you have a collection of wonderful flowers and plants which need more frequent care. Even if you would like to for us to visit you just one time and you will follow our tips yourself, don't hesitate to contact us. Based on your needs and the size of your garden we will share our knowledge in garden services. GARDEN SHAPES will assess your garden condition to determine what improvements could be done to have the best result. Good quality and price ratio is guaranteed.




Are you planning to go away on holiday ?

If it's summer time, the look of your garden might be not that pleasant surprise when you come back. Delicate plants and the lawn without watering can simply dry out. Don't bother your family members, friends or neighbours by asking to take care of your lawn and garden plants. Especially, if they do not enjoy working in a garden. We will take care of your garden. This means that your garden will be in good hands, while you be on your holiday or weekend getaway.


Do you have a house for rent or the one where nobody lives in ?

In this case we often forget the garden. The plants die, the grass overgrow and the place somehow becomes polluted. It is cheaper to take care of your garden periodically than leave without any attention and decide to make up for the time. Also, if you fail to clean the garden, you can get a fine. Of course, if it happened so that your garden didn't get regular maintenance, invite us and we will do the extra work. Tree pruning, tree removal, lawn care, planting, whatever is needed. We will do the excellent work, restore and improve your garden look. It will be much easier for you to rent or sell the house with a beautiful garden.

Contact us and let's talk about your garden situation !


Your garden is your fortress. Greenery creates not only an aesthetic but also a healthy environment for you and your family. We know the clear fact that trees and plants improve our air quality and reduce air pollution. When we are surrounded by green spaces the air that we breathe is cleaner. Also, trees and bushes provide great noise reduction and wind protection, especially the ones with thick branches. Rain often washes away the soil. Plants can protect the soil from erosion by slowing down water and the roots hold the soil from being washed away.

Nature plays a vital role in our well-being and provides us a health boost. As scientists would say, "Exposure to green spaces reduces the risk of type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stress, and high blood pressure." Being outdoors can lift up your mood and simply make you feel happy. The best part is that there is no need to go far away to enjoy yourself in nature.

Garden is our direct access to nature. Just open your house doors to your garden. Walk barefoot on the grass. You will immediately notice the difference. Already feeling calm and relaxed... Ever wondered why ? The researches show that our mother Earth has a powerful energy and when we have a barefoot contact, free electrons is being absorbed to our bodies. Recharge yourself right in your garden. Furthermore, it is a natural way to improve our eyesight. Eye nerves is attached to some points in our feet and by walking barefoot we pressure these points. And of course, green is the colour which relaxes our eyes. We are sure that after such walk there will be no sleeping problems either.

So take off your shoes and walk barefoot ! Wait. Is your garden cleaned and the grass is cut for you to have a pleasant walk ?

GARDEN SHAPES is here for you to do all the hard work, so that your mind, body and soul can be in harmony with the nature. Imagine the smell of freshly cut grass in the morning, just relax in your favourite chair and enjoy the cup of tea...Carefully shaped garden trees and shrubs, colourful flower beds will give your eyes a visual comfort. Nature is definitely a medicine.


Here are some gardening work done.