5 Essential Tips to Design a Lovely Small Garden in the Backyard


Spring is here, and you inevitably feel that something is missing in your backyard ? If you realize that it looks plain and dull after the winter, there is no better time to renew it than the spring. I prepared a handful of advice that will help you to begin the transformation of your garden. All you need is a little bit of creativity, simple garden equipment and the five essential garden design tips Eric has collected for you.

So start reading !

1. Basic Rules of Design

The best news for you - your garden is not small at all, it's simply of a perfect size for your creation ! To begin with, you should keep in mind certain rules which apply to any kind of design, including garden design. The first and the basic of them all - quality goes over quantity. That is particularly important talking about limited closed spaces such as typical backyard gardens in the UK. Choose several basic elements in your garden that you want to focus on - let it be the patio, lawn, and plants. Select a few options for each of their design and constantly check how they match together. Remember Japanese gardens - simplicity and minimalism create more awe than any over-crowded space without rules or harmony. 

2. Minimalistic Colour Palette

Every designer knows the "Rule of Three" when it comes to design. It means that constant focus on three main items, for example, colours is the key to well-balanced garden design. Choose three main colours from the pallet that match together and let them dominate your design. Keep them the same for everything - stone, wood, accessories or even the fence paint. That will add consistency and a feeling of balance in your garden.

3. Additional Garden Items

Garden design is so much more than plants or pavement. When planning your landscape, think of additional elements that you can incorporate: low walls, decorations or solar lights. Not only can low walls, for example, divide the space but also serve as a foundation for plant pots or seats for kids. I think when carefully designed, even the tiniest backyard place can be turned into an entertainment and relaxation area with soft light, seating, and table.

4. Remember The Perspective

If you have a clear idea of how your garden design should like, try to pay attention to what angle you see it from in your head. One of the first things to decide when designing a garden is its perspective. Having UK climate in mind, it is easy to guess that you will spend most of the time enjoying your garden from inside. Therefore, your main elements of garden design should be most visible from that angle.

5. Choose Plants Wisely

Even if you are a big fan of roses (show us who is not), I says that planting them in a damp, constantly windy area is not the best idea ever. Even though the garden is for your or your family's delight, the plants have their own rules and you must respect them. However, remember that there is a huge variety that you can choose from. Corners that are constantly in the shade can be filled with plants that don't require much sunlight, such as primrose or coral bells. Rosemary and sage are just a couple of examples of the plants that love the sun and sandy soil. Remember, there is no such thing as bad soil, only bad choices of plants !
What is more, the purpose of the plants definitely is one of the primary things to consider. Take advantage of having your own garden - not only can it delight you with beautiful view but also provide you with fresh and organic goods to consume. Haven't you ever dreamed of collecting your own spice or tea leaves full of drops of dew and enrich your tea or morning meal with them? Bay tree, mint or thyme are only a few examples of wide variety of plants useful for food and health. That is a pleasure that only the owners of well-maintained and designed garden can afford.

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