Does home garden seem boring and uninviting ?

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow." (Audrey Hepburn)

Does home garden seem boring and uninviting ? Maybe your garden is dominated by the lawn. We can liven it up by adding new interesting shapes, planting different flowers and bushes.

Do you have a lack of garden design ideas ? We can help you to start a new garden or rejuvenate an existing one. Our garden ideas will leave you with a modern garden or any other style you prefer.

We can create the design, plan, install and maintain. Our services include: installation of turf and grass pavers, artificial grass laying, planting, decking, fencing, other landscaping work that needs to be done in your garden.

It is a constant process of creation. Garden evolves from season-to-season and every year. Sometimes, we even call ourselves artists. We constantly observe the new garden design trends, visit exhibitions. However, we always follow our and our client's sense of taste. We experiment until the final result is happy client's eyes and sincere smile.


04 / 2021

You will not believe this. I didn't believe it myself.

The first time that I saw the garden I thought it was a forest which required serious attention and a lot of hard work. Without a blink, me and my team decided to roll up our sleeves, sharpen the saws and start the work. 

Both me and a client agreed that the project needs to happen gradually. In the beginning we would cut unnecessary trees, clean and remove rubbish and mow the lawn (if we find one). Then, as the space becomes more clear, we will start creating the project for the front and back gardens vision. 

It took less than a week to complete the set tasks and be ready for another stage of this project.

Second stage

As for the second stage, I transferred my vision into a 3D image to create a detailed plan of the garden, thoroughly thinking about a space for the client's vegetables and plants that would require just minimal care.   

With the help of technique and restless team we were making significant changes in the client's garden every single day. We completed drainage to avoid the possible flooding, levelled the ground, creatively used logs to make the flowerpots, built the fence for privacy and VOILA ! 

After three weeks we were ready to plant the flowers and lay the lawn.

I was pleasantly surprised every time the neighbours popped by to have a look and record the garden changes. More than that, I am happy to be a part of such a project and fully trusted with my improvisation and vision. Massive thanks to my client for trust and recommendations, I really appreciate this experience. 

Inspirational beauty gardens

Flashback to the ancient history.

Persian gardens, Egyptian gardens, Greek and Roman gardens and many more where mentioned in the history of different cultures as important place for various purposes - food production, relaxation or sign of wealth. The legendary Hanging Gardens of Babylon is named one of the Seven Wonders of Ancient World.

There are so many wonderful gardens in the world. Hidcote Manor Gardens, Stowe Landscape Gardens, RHS Garden Wisley and Sissinghurst Castle Garden are just a few British gardens which inspire us. Rare trees, shrubs and herbaceous borders leaves you speechless. The famous Gardens of Versailles cover 800 ha of land and features 200 000 trees and 210 000 flowers planted annually.

You do not need to live in a palace to have a magical garden, you just need a creative garden planner. You are in the right place. Professional landscape gardeners from GARDEN SHAPES will take a good care of your garden design and layout.

Everything starts with the idea and ends up waiting for everything to will grow !

Do you want changes in your garden ?  Fill out the form and we will contact you. We turn the garden into a paradise together.