Dear ones, thank you for showing interest in us.

I am Eric, owner of GARDEN SHAPES, and I'll tell you a few words...

Eric Jankauskas

owner  /  Garden Shapes LTD

"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths." (Walt Disney)

What can be more satisfying than working in the nature? Pure air, the smell of nature, energy coming from the trees and plants, natural colours, that's what I call doping for the body and soul.

I always knew that no concrete walls can stop me. Neither luxurious offices, nor the highest skyscrapers are my future. Long time ago I felt a strong connection with nature so when I started creating my future, I didn't hesitate and knew where I'm the best. I am a child of nature.

The GARDEN SHAPES company was born from the great love of nature and everything that lives in the nature. I am minimalist when creating the design, value naturalness and practicality. Live, not retouched colours, subtle tiny details is adding the character to the creative work in the garden just like a spice to the food. I always said that the real beauty lies in simplicity.

My team and I, we live in this work and it's our everyday life. Like new technologies, our work environment is also constantly changing. We constantly learn, improve, sometimes make mistakes and every day we try to be better than we were yesterday.

When you love what you do, success will come in your way because employees and the clients feel it too. Smile on customer's face, positive feedback or gratitude is my engine and motivation to turn your garden into paradise on earth so that nature would give you daily inspiration.